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  • Oregon's estuaries are important ecosystems for scientific study. Consequently, knowledge of what research has been conducted helps us identify benchmarks and plan new projects. A comprehensive bibliography of published research, technical reports, local documents, and data sets is one means of recording this knowledge. For these reasons, the Guin Library staff have compiled bibliographies on Netarts Bay, the Salmon River Estuary, Siletz Bay, Yaquina Bay, the Alsea River Basin, the Yachats River Estuary and the Umpqua River Basin.
  • The Alsea Basin Bibliography focuses on the entire Alsea River Basin, from the mouth of the estuary to the foothills of the Coast Range. This enlarged coverage acknowledges the importance of the Alsea Watershed Study (1959-1974), an early and important long-term research project about the effects of logging on salmonid fisheries. The bibliography also includes works from a follow-up investigation, the Alsea Watershed Study Revisited (2008-2016). The Alsea Basin Bibliography attempts to identify research on the physical and biological aspects of the Alsea River and estuary, with an emphasis on fisheries and natural resources. In addition to some attention to the area’s pre-history, the period covered dates from Theodore Talbot’s 1849 trip through the region through June, 2023. A web-based version of this bibliography is available at: The web version offers keyword searching, which includes major concepts as well as species names and geographic referents.
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