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NRT 2016-2017: Transdisciplinary Report Ocean Condition Forecasting Team Public Deposited

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  • In this report, we build off of the knowledge and relationships created from the Seacast tool (2017) to explore the perceptions of uncertainty for both data providers and users. We then use the knowledge of these perceptions to derive metrics that address uncertainty which are acceptable to both parties. These metrics are then visualized using cartographic techniques related to visualization methods that fishermen are already familiar with. We developed the following research question in order to guide our work on this topic: ‘How can ocean forecasts and their uncertainty be quantified and communicated to commercial fishermen?’ To address this question and achieve these goals, the Ocean Condition Forecast (OCF) Team was formed in September of 2016 as part of the National Science Foundation Research Trainee (NRT) Fellowship in Risk and Uncertainty Quantification and Communication in Marine Science at OSU. It is composed of four graduate students that represent different facets of the ocean condition forecast process. This process includes the generation of forecasted data and associated uncertainty metrics, integration of uncertainty metrics into map-based visualizations, and assimilation of divergent user and data provider perspectives into the entire process. The team members who are the respective counterparts to this process include two ocean modelers, one cartographer, and one social scientist. A transdisciplinary approach was used to generate the uncertainty metrics and communication design, and will be explained further in the following section.
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