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Current meter data from the Samoan Passage experiment : world ocean circulation experiment current meter array PCM-11 : September 1992-February 1994 Public Deposited

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  • The Samoan Passage experiment was designed to determine the northward transport of abyssal water through the Samoan Passage (l0°S, 170°W). This topographic constriction forms the major connection for deep (>4000 m) interbasin flow between hemispheres in the Pacific (Figure 1). This report presents current meter data from the six subsurface moorings deployed in the Samoan Passage in September 1992 and recovered February 1994. The six subsurface moorings were deployed along a transect in the Samoan Passage (Figure 2). A total of twenty-seven current meters were attached, each measuring horizontal current and temperature, with the upper two meters on each mooring measuring pressure. All instrumentation was recovered. Instrument 5872, the top meter on mooring two experienced an electronic board failure after 5 days and stopped recording data. The pressure sensor on instrument 4412, 2990 m on mooring 1, abruptly changed levels several times, and the temperature record from instrument 5856, 2970 m on mooring six, malfunctioned after 9 months. The compass on instrument 7769 (4900 m on mooring three) failed its post-cruise calibration. It appears that the failure occurred approximately one-fourth of the way through the deployment. Because the data are vector-averages, both speed and direction are suspect. The quality of the remaining records was excellent. The Samoan Passage current meter array contributes to the World Ocean Circulation experiment and is identified by that program as PCM-11.
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