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The Oregon plan for salmon and watersheds: a perspective.

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  • The Oregon Plan is a state-led strategy for restoring and conserving native salmonids and the watersheds within which they spend all or parts of their lives. It evolved from work that began in the 1980s on watershed health and salmon conservation and was propelled into high gear by proposed and eventual listings of native salmonids in Oregon under the federal Endangered Species Act during the mid-1990s. The Plan has expanded in scope and activities since then, and now encompasses all native salmonids and all watersheds in the state. It has spawned new commitments and investments from private landowners and generated significant improvements in state agency coordination related to salmonids and watershed health. The accomplishments of the Oregon Plan create an unparalleled foundation for state-led species conservation. The work remaining creates abundant opportunity for new leaders to add their embellishments to the fine work of others to date.
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