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Enology Personnel Development and Extension [1992-1993] Public Deposited

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  • The Oregon wine industry has grown rapidly in recent years to 100 wineries. There is a strong and increasing need for enology Extension, technical assistance, and technology transfer of relevant research for commercial application. Enology Extension at OSU provides technical assistance to wineries with an emphasis on troubleshooting production problems and training of industry personnel. The primary focus of the OSU enology Extension program is to increase commercial wine producer ability to recognize, avoid, and correct for physical, chemical, and microbial problems in Oregon wines. This is done primarily by consultation, troubleshooting analysis of problem wines, and by training industry members in laboratory analysis and wine stabilization at the OSU Enology Laboratory. In addition, technical workshops and seminars are organized to provide educational materials and to demonstrate processing and quality control management practices to industry members to enhance their ability to produce sound, high quality table wines. Seminars and workshops focus on wine processing and microbiology, wine analysis and stabilization, and sensory evaluation training for detection of wine defects.
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