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Tide gates in the Pacific Northwest : operation, types, and environmental effects Public Deposited

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  • This report is an attempt to address some critical information gaps regarding the effects of dikes and tide gates on coastal ecosystems and fisheries resources. The authors have identified the information needs during their work with landowners, community organizations, and resource management agencies and through a compilation and summary of information on dikes and tide gates derived from an extensive literature review. They illustrate the characteristics of traditional tide gate designs and their operation, explain the environmental effects of dikes and tide gates, describe new tide gate designs—including those that are considered fish friendlier—and identify current knowledge gaps that may guide future research directions. Included at the end of the report are a brief directory of manufacturers (Appendix 1) and a summary of relevant U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations (Appendix 2).
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  • Support for this project also came from the Coos Watershed Association.
  • This research and publication were funded by the National Sea Grant College Program of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, under NOAA grant number NA76RG0476 (project number R/HBT-07-PD), and by appropriations made by the Oregon State legislature.



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