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  • For the past three years we have been bringing rootstocks into Oregon for inclusion into the OSU Grapevine Mother Block at the Lewis-Brown Farm east of Corvallis. Most of the material has come from the Foundation Plant Materials Service (FPMS) at Davis. The main purpose of the Mother Block is to supply nurseries or growers who want to establish increase blocks of grapes or rootstocks with registered stock Responsibility for the maintenance and distribution of plant material from the Mother Block has recently been shifted from the Department of Horticulture to the Foundation Seed and Plant Materials Program (FSP), an interdepartmental organization administered by the Dean of the OSU College of Agriculture. Growers or nurserymen interested in any of the rootstocks listed below should contact Bev Clark at FSP (754-4032) for information. Rootstocks are also available through FPMS at Davis. Most of the rootstocks mentioned in Lucy Morton's article are at OSU, but many may be in short supply for a few years. A few of the rootstocks mentioned are not at OSU but may be at FPMS.
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