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Predicting Phosphorus Needs in Snap Beans : 2013 Research report to the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission Public Deposited

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  • Although Oregon is the #2 snap bean producer in the US, yield of snap beans per acre is greater in Oregon than any other state (USDA NASS 2012). Despite the scale and importance of snap bean production in Oregon, almost no research has been done on phosphorus (P) utilization over the past 30 yrs in the Willamette Valley (personal communication with John Hart, Emeritus professor, OSU Crop and Soils). As a result, P fertilization recommendations (OSU’s Bush Beans: Western Oregon—West of Cascades Fertilizer Guide publication #FG 28) have not changed in decades even though much has changed during this period. We now have a better understanding of the factors that influence P availability. Also, during this period, soil P levels have steadily increased due to P fertilization in excess of what is removed in the harvested product. If soil P levels are already at the critical value for optimum growth, any addition of P beyond crop needs represents a potential economic loss as well as an increased risk for negative environmental losses.
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