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1967 razor clam surveys

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  • Razor clams are found in isolated areas all along the Oregon coast. However, 90% of the harvest takes place on the Clatsop Countty beaches. Along the rest of the coast, digging is sporadic and of minor importance. This report summarizes the data for 1967 for several beaches south of Seaside. The areas are combined geographically into two groups, northern and southern. The northern group includes the Columbia River, Indian, Crescent, Cannon, Arch Cape, Cove, and Short Sand beaches. The southern group includes Bastendorff, Whiskey Run, and Myers Creek beaches. Some midcoast areas were not sampled in 1967 and are not included in this report. Sampling of clam diggers was concentrated at the northern beaches during the July I5-August 31 closure of Clatsop beaches because some Cannon Beach people feared an invasion of personal-use and commercial diggers. They were assured this would not happen, but no data were available to support the contention. The southern beaches were checked incidental to other work. Hence, the data are biased toward the late tides of each series when digging is usually poor.
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