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Pinot noir Clonal Trials: Misnamed Clones Public Deposited

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  • In 1983, our research group took on the task of answering the question: What are the characteristics of available Pinot noir clones in Oregon? Our main resources in this effort were the OSU Mother Block and two cooperative clonal trials at Knudsen Erath (KE) and Five Mountain Vineyards( 5M). Information we obtained this summer on cluster morphology and leaf types indicates that, in fact, we have been trying to answer a trick question. Apparently, there are vine mixes in the OSU Mother Block and serious numbering errors in both the KE and 5M trials. The information we have released on these trials accurately describes the plant material we evaluated, but that material may have the wrong numbers attached or even be mixed clones. If these apparent errors are real, they have serious consequences both for our research trials and for growers who have propagated vines from the OSU Mother Block, the 5M and KE trials, and the Foundation Plant Materials Service (FPMS) based on our reported results. The following article outlines evidence for this apparent mix-up. We are publishing this preliminary information because there is substantial interest in one of the clones. Propagation of this material should be stopped until the proper identity of all these clones is known
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