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Upland Habitat Conservation Areas - San Juan County Best Available Science Synthesis, Chapter 4 Public Deposited

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  • This document provides definitions and a general overview of streams and lakes of San Juan County (SJC) and then describes impacts to these water bodies and strategies for determining widths of buffers that protect their functions. It similarly provides definitions and a general overview of SJC upland (terrestrial) habitats, describes impacts to these, and suggests options for enhancing their protection or management. The document was prepared in support of Washington counties considering best available science when identifying and protecting the functions and values of “Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas” (FWHCA’s). Despite the county’s relatively small area, its vertebrates (amphibians, reptiles, birds,and mammals) comprise more than 26% of those occurring regularly in Washington. Most have a unique set of environmental requirements but those are poorly known for most species (Appendix 4‐B contains a catalog of general habitats used by each terrestrial vertebrate species). For some species, SJC probably supports the largest or only populations or densities in the Puget Sound region, the Pacific Northwest, or the entire United States.
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  • Adamus, P.R. 2011. Upland Habitat Conservation Areas. Chapter 4 in: San Juan County Best Available Science Synthesis. Department of Community Development & Planning, Friday Harbor, WA.
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