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Graduate students' space and service needs report

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  • Graduate students from across all departments at OSU were invited to participate in focus groups to share their insights about current and potential research spaces and services. Themes were created based on the participants’ responses. The space theme clearly points to a desire for graduate student-specific space at OSU, particularly among students in “have-not departments.” Students were interested in a variety of spaces, including private, group study, social and virtual spaces. The services theme revealed that participants desired a range of services and training options from both the library and other departments on campus, as well as better communication about what is currently available. Desired services and resources emphasized rapid delivery of library materials and easy access to a wide range of databases and software programs. Participants wanted training opportunities that included basic orientations to OSU and OSU Libraries (OSUL), software packages, citation management workshops, and thesis writing and formatting. The support, communication and collaboration theme emphasized the need OSU students have to connect with other researchers across disciplines, to be supported within mentoring relationships, and to receive adequate support as GTAs so they can be successful teachers.
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