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Conservation hatcheries and supplementation strategies for recovery of wild stocks of salmonids: report of a workshop : Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team, Portland, OR, June 19-21, 2000

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  • The Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team (IMST) convened regional leaders in hatchery management and salmon recovery on June 19-21, 2000 for a scientific workshop on Conservation Hatcheries and Supplementation Strategies for the Recovery of Wild Stocks of Salmonids. The purpose was to provide better information (a) to help the IMST with its work on hatchery reports, and (b) to help policy makers as they consider proposals for the State of Oregon to engage in a program of supplementation. The goal of the workshop was to identify, clarify and compile the scientific basis on which conservation hatcheries and supplementation strategies may help accomplish the mission of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds. This report was prepared by the IMST. It was reviewed by workshop participants and revised by IMST accordingly. It does not necessarily reflect consensus on all points by workshop participants. IMST alone is responsible for the report. The report includes abstracts of plenary scientific presentations and case histories of supplementation projects, a brief description of the Oregon Conservation Hatchery Improvement Proposal (CHIP), and the results of three concurrent work group discussions. These work group discussions focused on: (a) conditions under which supplementation could be used in wild salmonid recovery, (b) appropriate methods for supplementation, and (c) Approaches for the evaluation of supplementation over time.
  • This report was written by the Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds.
  • Keywords: Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watershed, conservation hatcheries, fish hatcheries, supplementation, wild vs. hatchery fish
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  • Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team. 2000. Conservation Hatcheries and Supplementation Strategies for Recovery of Wild Stocks of Salmonids: Report of a Workshop. Technical Report 2000-1. Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. Salem, OR.
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