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Cruise report YALOC '69 : synopsis of the cruise of R/V Yaquina in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean from 2 January to 26 April, 1969 Public Deposited

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  • A multi-disciplinary oceanographic cruise - YALOC '69 - was carried out by staff of the Department of Oceanography, Oregon State University aboard the R/V YAQUINA. This report describes the observational programs undertaken. YALOC '69 was motivated by a desire to study the geology, geophysics and physical oceanography of the Panama Basin. Near bottom chemical gradients were investigated at a number of stations along the track line. Hydrographic and optical measurements were also made enroute to the area to obtain data on the geographical distribution of optical properties. The cruise consisted of seven legs extending from Newport, Oregon to Talara, Peru and return, with the three principal working legs in the Panama Basin. Station locations are shown in Figures 1 and 2. The cruise began January 2, 1969 and was completed April 26, 1969. Exceptionally fine weather and following winds produced ideal working conditions. As a result, about 120% of the planned objectives were achieved. The scientific personnel included four faculty members, nine students, and five technicians from Oregon State University. The scientific complement also included visiting scientists from: U. S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California; University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and the Ecuadorian Navy. The ship was supported during this period by ONR Grant 1286(10) and NSF Grant GA 1252. Research support is listed under the individual discussions which follow.
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