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Evaluation of varieties, clones and rootstocks Evaluation of Vitis Rootstocks for Tolerance to Low Soil pH Public Deposited

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  • Extensive information on rootstock resistance to lime is available since it has been one of the major selection criteria in Europe an rootstock breeding programs. Information regarding the performance of rootstocks in acidic soils however, is not so prevalent. Differences in genotype tolerance to high acidity maybe related to different levels of uptake, or a better adaptation to excess (or deficient) levels of nutrients. Data collected this season showed significant differences among the various rootstocks over the range of soil pH 4, 5, and 6. While somevines "performed" better at a given pH level for a specific parameter, and in some cases out -performed the other rootstocks over a range of pH levels, no one vine was clearly superior for all parameters over the range of all three pH levels. However, an overall relative-ranking of the various rootstocks, based on mean growth characteristics for the measured parameters, ranked Couderc 3309, Kober 125AA, and Freedom at the top and placed Borner, own-rooted (Pinot noir, clone 2A), and Millardet et de Grasset 420A at the bottom.
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