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Green Bean Breeding and Evaluation : Report to the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission, 2013–2014 Public Deposited

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  • Overview of Project and Varietal Development: Funding for 2013-14 was reduced substantially which resulted in a scaling back of the objectives. We conducted two yield and quality evaluation trials. However, the evaluation of commercial entries was funded entirely by fees from industry. We also grew out approximately 1300 breeding lines and populations at various stages of generation ad-vance in an observation and selection nursery. One-hundred seventy-five advanced lines harvested in the field in 2011 were subjected to a drop test to determine resistance to mechanical and imbibitional injury prior to planting in 2013, with approximately 20 lines discarded for poor performance. Interes-tingly, several different types of germination curves were observed and further work is needed to de-termine which are the most desirable in terms of high levels of germination and emergence. Sixty advanced lines with putative white mold resistance were screened in the field. Stock seed increase and roguing was conducted for four released cultivars and various advanced lines. There are a num-ber of advanced selections that carry the NY6020 source of white mold resistance that are in or near-ing field testing and processing phase of evaluation. The first of these was grown in preliminary tri-als in 2011 and approximately 1/3 of these with new additions were grown in the preliminary yield and quality trials conducted this year.
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