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Open-ing the library : evaluating the scholarly publishing landscape and shaping future open services and organizational structures at Oregon State University Libraries and Press

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  • The shift to open, and away from subscriptions, will require changes to many OSULP services, and OSULP’s reporting structure can be expected to evolve to accommodate such changes. This position paper recommends starting points for thinking about how OSULP could take on new roles and responsibilities that relate to the forthcoming OSULP 2024-2028 strategic plan emphasizing open. It is the authors’ opinion that OSULP should reinvest resources from unsustainable journal subscriptions and article payment systems into community-focused and driven open projects, services, and infrastructure. Such resource expenditures, building on past successful efforts at OSULP and emerging services at other academic libraries, will promote the University’s open and sustainable scholarly communication principles ( and open access policy (, benefiting the University and its faculty by achieving the greatest possible sharing and impact of their research. At the same time, such projects and services will reinvest substantial money away from publisher profits. We expect that this reenvisioning of library services will have an impact on all library departments and personnel.
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