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Trends in mobile computing : a study of mobile phone usage in the United States and Japan Public Deposited

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  • Wireless technologies advance rapidly in the recent time. The maJor initiative is the realization of the third generation wireless network that provides high bandwidth access to digital data on the Internet. Moreover, recent improvements in computer and embedded systems have enabled portable devices with sufficiently high computing capability. The combination of these advances triggered the notion of mobile computing, which integrates high bandwidth wireless network infrastructures with portable computing clients to provide varieties of new digital services such as email, web access, video conferencing, etc. Especially, some of these new features have been mostly realized by their :integration into the widely used mobile phones. This thesis describes the survey that investigates mobile phone usage among university students in US and Japan. A total of 315 students among 8 universities were given a questionnaire that investigates how they use mobile phone, and asks about their opinion on it. The results show that in Japan mobile phones are more widely used, and there are more variety of digital features available than in US. However, mobile phone is more affordable in US. finally, the results indicate demands of computer like features in a mobile phone, which lead to tlx: motivation of the integration of PDA and mobile phone in the near future.
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