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Implementing Plastic Pyrolysis Into Chile's Plastic Recycling Infrastructure Public Deposited

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  • With the incredible technological advancements that have come from the introduction of plastic many problems have arisen. Once plastics were created the value of items once they reached their end of life were lowered. Considering the majority of all plastics created are for packaging with single-use intentions people now dispose of almost all their items after they have been used. This type of thinking has brought many problems to the environment from the emissions created from their production and disposal, pollution, and valuable space they take up in landfills. The ideal method for waste management is to recycle. There are multiple types of recycling including re-extrusion, physical treatment recycling, chemical recycling, and energy recovery. Chemical recycling, a plastic to oil technology, is considered for implementation in Chile's current waste management infrastructure. Pyrolysis is advantageous because of its ability to manage a mixed feedstock and produce high quality products and applications from all aspects of its products. The Unit of Technological, a research and development firm in Chile, has successfully designed a pyrolysis system at bench-scale and is working on increasing it to industrial scale so that it can be implemented as the first pyrolysis facility in South America.
  • Key Words: plastic, plastic recycling, waste management
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