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Fabrication and low-temperature measurement of quantum devices

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  • Since the advent of graphene, research on 2D materials has exploded. Countless experiments have uncovered novel properties that emerge when different layered crystals are cleaved down to only a few atomic layers in thickness. The most popular of these non-graphene 2D materials is MoS2, a semiconductor which has been of particular research interest for many years. MoS2 has been shown to exhibit Ising superconductivity, a phenomenon that can allow for much higher robustness to external magnetic fields and a higher maximum current [1]. The creation of scalable superconducting transistors could trigger a revolution of low-power electronics which operate without wasting energy to heating; furthermore, many other novel properties discovered in 2D systems have promising applications in technology. In this work, we first present a dry transfer method for the fabrication of van der Waals heterostructures for use in nanoelectronic devices. Then, using a custom-fabricated measurement probe, we report the measurement of a metallic carbon nanotube field effect transistor device down to 2 K. The fabrication and measurement methods realized in this work can be used to create and measure many different device geometries and represent an important step forward in van der Waals heterostructure fabrication and low temperature measurement of nanoelectronic devices at OSU.
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