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  • DiskGrapher is a graphical visualization tool designed to help users better manage the space on their hard drives. The main goal of DiskGrapher is to provide a different visualization technique to display information, with the goal of providing a more intuitive understanding of the directory structure of the disk than the Treemap visualization technique, commonly found on hard drive visualization applications. By providing the user with better information about the directory structure of the disk, and presenting the information in a manner which the user is more likely to be familiar with, the program will help users to better manage used disk space. This thesis describes the features of many of the competing programs in hard drive visualization, as well as giving a detailed look at the structure and development of the DiskGrapher.
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  • description.provenance : Submitted by Heather Boren (borenh) on 2008-06-16T20:49:44ZNo. of bitstreams: 1batchjThesis.pdf: 1034404 bytes, checksum: 4fc4f9e5cfc36aae8fd7b3905d139061 (MD5)
  • description.provenance : Made available in DSpace on 2008-06-17T21:13:20Z (GMT). No. of bitstreams: 1batchjThesis.pdf: 1034404 bytes, checksum: 4fc4f9e5cfc36aae8fd7b3905d139061 (MD5)



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