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Plasmon Induced Transparency in Terahertz Metamaterials

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  • Plasmon induced transparency (PIT) describes a spectral response of coupled plasmonic resonators in that coupling between bright and dark modes leads to a destructive interference resulting in a narrow transparency window. This process has many applications in material characterization and advanced optical devices such as slow light devices or ultrafast optical switching. This thesis is a record of the study of the PIT effect in a terahertz metamaterial. The purpose of the study is to both gain a clear understanding of the metamaterial structure and record the PIT effect of our metamaterial structure. The PIT effect was demonstrated by utilizing a negative antenna structure on GaAs substrate which elicits a sharp dip in transparency on resonance: the opposite effect would be observed for the same structure built with a positive antenna array. The sample used in this study had a resonance structure centered around 0.9 THz and displayed near zero transmission at resonance with peaks in transmission above and below resonance. This preliminary study of the PIT metamaterial structure concluded that it is a good candidate for further studies including categorizing the carrier dynamics and conductivity of the GaAs substrate that the plasmon structure is patterned upon.
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