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Installation and Equipment of a School Kitchen

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  • "A woman inherits capabilities of becoming such an helpmeet, but she stands sadly in need of training for the development of these capacities and for the acquirement of skill in doing these tasks after she realizes her ability. Education does not consist of facts stored away in the brain, there must be power to systematize and to apply these facts. The women of our land need, an education preparing them to live and to do. In response to this need the states of the Union have established colleges which teach domestic science and art, but still the demand is not met. The work must be in stalled into our high schools. Investigation reveals the fact that nearly ninety per cent of our school children leave school before the age of fifteen. Since so many cannot go to the colleges or special schools for this training, the training must be placed where they may receive it. In every part of the United States, in the countries of Europe, and even in many of the isolated islands, courses in domestic science are being introduced into the schools, and the institutions of higher learning are offering courses so complete that women graduated from these institutions are able to formulate plans for the successful installation and equipment of a high school kitchen. The purpose of this thesis is to present a plan for the installation and equipment of a high school kitchen with a discussion of the principles involved and with explanations offered for decisions with regard to apparatus and its arrangement."--p.4
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