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Determining thickness of zinc sulfide thin films through optical spectroscopy

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  • A method has been developed to measure the thickness of ZnS thin films on Si using optical interference. Thin film optical interference fringes are dependent upon the thickness of the film, and for this reason the thickness can be determined by measuring reflectance spectrum of a thin film. A grating spectrometer was used to measure the reflectance of the thin films. The thickness of the films was then determined by matching the measured reflectance with a theoretical model. This is a non-destructive method, and has worked for films as thin as 17 nm, but could potentially work for even thinner films. Due to lack of rigorous statistical analysis, the accuracy can only be estimated to be within 1 to 2 nm depending on the quality of the data and the film. It was thought that ZnS on Si could convert the UV portion of the solar spectrum into electrical energy, but in order to test this, the ZnS film had to be of an appropriate thickness.
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