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  • Designing for construction safety is a collaborative process that combines the field experience of builders with the design skills of architects to improve construction safety. Research studies have shown that the design of a project is a factor in approximately fifty percent of jobsite deaths. To reduce this problem it is necessary to have a greater understanding of how designers perceive designing for construction safety, how they take action to implement it on a project, and what are the impacts of the concept on design. To examine these questions, a case study of a renovation project in Oregon was conducted. The majority of the architects interviewed showed interest in learning about the concept and practicing the concept in varying degrees. Implementation for this project primarily involved collaboration to solve specific design and constructability safety issues the Construction Manager/General Contactor (CM/GC) discovered. Impacts on design included increased constructability, awareness of safety hazards, abatement of safety hazards, and collaboration among the design team. The lifecycle benefits of designing for construction safety appear to outweigh the costs on the Project studied. One factor drove implementation of the concept past its barriers: the owner’s involvement.
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