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Effects of gluten composition and molecular weight distribution on the noodle making potential of hard white wheats Public Deposited

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  • A set of flour samples with protein content ranging from 9.7 - 13.3 % was used for this study to evaluate the effectiveness of HMW-GS, SEHPLC and mixograph characteristics as screening tools for noodle texture. The sample set had a large variation in HMW-GS composition with Payne score ranging from 6 - 10. Flour protein content had a positive correlation with cooked noodle hardness (p<_ 0.05). Payne score showed no significant relationship with cooked noodle hardness but was strongly related to increased dough strength and mixing tolerance (p<_ 0.001), and SEHPLC % peak 1 (p<_ 0.001). Lower RVAPV or RVABD showed strong relationships with cooked noodle hardness (p5 0.001). Comparisons of flour varieties grouped by their Glul loci showed that presence of GluAI subunit 1 was associated with noodles of equal hardness to those made from GluAl null lines when the GluAl subunit 1 lines had lower protein content. This suggests some compensatory effect of GluA1 subunit 1 in determining noodle hardness. Higher protein content had more influence on noodle hardness than did HMW-GS composition at GluBl and GluDl loci. SEHPLC absolute peak area data suggested that there was some relationship between glutenin MWD and noodle hardness (p<- 0.001). However, flour protein content was not corrected for when injecting samples onto the HPLC. Therefore, significance of the absolute peak areas may largely reflect flour protein content and not the relative proportions of the protein fractions. There was no significant relationship between % peak 1 and noodle hardness. MPT, mixograph absorption, Payne score and SEHPLC % peak 1 showed no relationship with noodle hardness, suggesting that HMW-GS, which are indicators of dough strength were not effective ways of predicting noodle hardness compared to protein content, except in the case of GluAI.
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