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  • There is an absence of multicultural children’s literature focusing on the experiences of Nepalese-American children in the United States. This marginalizes many Nepalese-American children and their experiences. I wrote a book called If You Believe that represents the Nepalese-American children in order to fill this void in multicultural children’s literature. In this essay, I demonstrate the lack of multicultural children’s literature representing the Nepalese-American children and explain the significance of this lack, I provide reasons for this lack, and I explain why the Nepalese-American children would relate to a children’s fiction I wrote and why the story it tells is culturally authentic to the Nepalese-American children. Worldview and cultural authenticity are important part of the discussion in this essay. One of the conclusions I make in this essay is that the current techniques being used to increase the number of multicultural children’s books and the number of ethnicities they represent are not effective. Therefore, I suggest measures to increase representation of different nationalities in multicultural children’s literature. Key Words: Multicultural Children’s Literature, Nepalese-American, Nepalese-American children, Nepalese-American Experience
  • Keywords: Nepalese-American children, Nepalese-American Book, Multicultural Children’s Literature, Nepalese-American Experience, Nepalese-American, Fiction, Children's Book
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