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  • Upon entering a residential drug and alcohol treatment, typically clients are directed to complete a risk assessment form. Risk assessment forms are anonymous, self-reported questionnaires that inquire about demographics, health, sexual behaviors, as well as drug and alcohol use. The YES house is a youth treatment facility in Corvallis Oregon that asked the Public Health department of Oregon State University to analyze their risk assessment forms from the years of 1999-2011. We cleaned and analyzed the data using SPSS Version 21.0., running frequencies on all questions within their document. We compared rates of adolescents coming into the facility by county to the population of each county. We ran an ordinal logistic regression on two questions within the form that were the patient’s perceived risk of HIV and Hepatitis C. We found that 55.1% of these patients had been to jail and 22.3% had been homeless sometime in their life. The median age was 16.4 and 64% were male. We found that for each point in the sex predictor questions they were 1.8 times more likely to perceive themselves at risk for HIV and 1.4 times more likely to perceive themselves at risk for contracting Hepatitis C. We concluded that adolescence entering YES house don’t tend to perceive themselves at risk for diseases while surprising numbers have engaged in risky behaviors at a very early age.
  • Keywords: Drug Treatment, Risk of Infectious Disease, Youth Behavior, Risky Behavior, Alcohol Treatment
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