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Variable Temperature Transport Measurements and Conduction Mechanisms of Crystalline and Amorphous Titanium Dioxide Thin Films

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  • The electrical properties of amorphous and crystalline titanium dioxide polymorphs are reported. Titanium dioxide is a widely used transparent semiconductor and it is a useful oxide model. Using variable temperature transport measurements of thin films, it was possible to establish the activation energy barrier for conduction. This was accomplished using an Arrhenius model. Typical activation energies were 14 - 353 meV and higher activation energies correlated with higher resistivity. To investigate the conduction mechanisms, Mott’s hopping conduction model also was applied, and I investigated these models for different temperature regimes. For films which could be described by Mott’s theory, the density of states was found. and most films had a density of states value of about 1017 eV-1cm-3. Both conduction mechanisms were seen in amorphous and crystalline films, but amorphous films predominantly exhibited hopping conduction. Resistivity was higher for films which were amorphous and for films which were crystalline, which warrants further investigation. The electrical properties did not distinguish TiO2 polymorphs from one another, and anatase does not appear to be the least conductive phase as I previously supposed.
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