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Beyond Scattering: Identifying the Boundaries of Light Control with a Genetic Wavefront Optimization Algorithm Public Deposited

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  • The ability to focus light through strongly scattering materials is opening up exciting new avenues in many fields, such as optics, computer vision, biology, and medicine, which utilize light delivery and imaging techniques. Efficient, high resolution wavefront shaping and optimization methods are crucial to enabling this new capability. In this thesis, we explore the limitations on focusing light through scattering media using a genetic optimization algorithm (GA), extending the work that has previously been done demonstrating light control through opaque materials. We test the performance of GA to focus a laser wavefront through a wide range of scattering materials using a phase-only spatial light modulator (SLM). In this work, we show that the composition of the scattering material significantly affects the ability to focus light. Previous work has demonstrated the dependence of the focus enhancement on the resolution of wavefront modulation. We confirm this conclusion and go further to show that the aspect ratio of the SLM segments (or partitions) also plays a determining role. Finally, we document significant limitations of using the signal-to-background ratio and the enhancement as performance metrics in an experimental setting.
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