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  • Yaquina Bay, Oregon, has been introduced to a few The invasive species in Yaquina Bay, Oregon can have a huge effect on the native species and local ecosystem. European green crab (Carcius maenas) is an invasive species. The European green crab can be found on the mudflats competing with the native crabs, including Red rock crab (Cancer productus) and Dungeness crab (Cancer magister), for food. Possible prey includes mudflat burrowing shrimp, the Ghost shrimp, (Neotrypaea californiensis) and the Mud shrimp, (Upogebia pugettensis). Thus study examines native crab (primarily Red rock) and European green crab predation on mudflat burrowing shrimp with controlled laboratory predation experiments: putting shrimp in sediment, then adding crab after an allotted burrowing time. My hypothesis is that Red rock is able to eat more shrimp than the European green crab because of the mobility of the Red rock claws. Both invasive and native crabs preyed upon the shrimp, however, the native crabs are doing statically significant greater (p-value =.001) at getting this food source then the invasive crab. The European green crab is not out competing the Red rock and Dungeness.
  • Keywords: European green crab, Mud shrimp, Red rock crab, Ghost shrimp
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