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Student interaction with online pre-lecture videos and how it influences grades

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  • This study examines how students were interacting with pre-lecture videos via the BoxSand website. Students of the Fall 2015 and Fall 2016 introductory physics courses at Oregon State University were studied. The course was taught as a flipped classroom in which the instructional material was provided via BoxSand. BoxSand is a website designed to provide course material for the physics course studied, and it records how students interact with the site. The purposes of the study were to show how BoxSand can be used to improve learning among introductory physics students and to explore how students interacted with pre-lecture videos. Educational data mining was performed on data collected by BoxSand, with analysis focusing on the data generated by students clicking on links to pre-lecture videos. Formulas were written in Excel to analyze the datasets. The major results from the Fall 2015 dataset were that students tended to increase the number of videos they watched before each exam and they typically watched videos for the actual length of the video. This second result is important because the website tracks how long a student stays on a page, it does not track how the students interact with the video once they are on that page. The most important results for the Fall 2016 dataset were that watching more pre-lecture videos tended to correlate with better grades and the students who increased the percent of videos they watched had the best chance of improving their grades in the next exam. The methods used in this project can be expanded to analyze how students use other parts of the website to study or learn course material. When more terms of data become available for analysis, a larger picture of how students change their study habits throughout the introductory physics sequence can be made.
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