Collaborative Selection of New Science Journal Subscriptions

Anne Christie and Laurel Kristick, Oregon State University
NASIG 2003 Poster Session
Portland, OR

Problem Statement


Oregon State University

15,413 undergraduates
3,376 graduate students
2,179 faculty (instruction and research)
9 science librarians


Process for New Journal Requests

Timeline for New Journal Requests

Start of Spring Term – May 1
Send E-mail to faculty soliciting new journal requests

May 1-May 15
Librarians complete Part 1 of evaluation form for new journal requests

May 15 – June 1
Collection Development & Acquisitions staff compile information for Part 2 of form in spreadsheet

June 1 – June 30
Librarians complete Part 3 of form and rank their journal requests

Science Librarians meet to rank all new journal requests and send recommendations to Collection Development

When Materials Budget is Known
New journals ordered based on money available

(sample e-mail reminder sent to faculty in Spring Term)

Each year the Library endeavors to add some new journal subscriptions to align the collection with new directions in research and teaching. If you have requests for new journals now is the time to send them to me. Collection Development will review all requests and establish a priority list if money is available for new journals. The budget situation for the upcoming fiscal year is still uncertain. The deadline for your requests is May 1.
Below is a short questionnaire that you are asked to fill out for each title requested. Also, if there are journals in our collection to which you would like electronic access please let me know about these.
The Faculty Evaluation Form is attached

Selection Criteria for New Journal Subscriptions

Ordering New Journals Advantages/Benefits


Faculty, subject librarians and acquisitions staff collaborate to select new science journals. The process makes use of faculty expertise and the skills and judgment of library staff, establishes a timeline and ensures a smooth workflow.


Journals Subscription Faculty Request Form
Subject Librarians Evaluation Form
Template for New Journal Spreadsheet

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