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Institute for Natural Resources (INR)


The Institute for Natural Resources provides Oregon leaders with ready access to current, science-based information and methods for better understanding our resource management challenges and developing solutions. We invite you to learn more about the Institute by going to the Institute for Natural Resources home page.

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Recent Submissions

  • Christy, John A. (Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center, Institute for Natural Resources, Oregon State University, 2005-12)
    Sphagnum fens on the coast of Oregon are unique globally and contain a variety of rare plants and animals found nowhere else in the landscape. Evidence indicates that in the absence of disturbance, many open fens have co ...
  • Nielsen, Eric; Noone, Matt (Institute for Natural Resources, 2014-02)
    This project used a predictive model to map canopy cover of vegetation over seven feet in height (“tall woody vegetation”) at 30-meter resolution over nearly 29 million acres within and adjacent to the range of the great ...
  • Vickerman, Sara; Kagan, James S. (Defenders of Wildlife, 2014-11)
    This paper offers a framework for use by public and private entities who manage natural resources. It focuses on the maintenance and restoration of ecological integrity to help ensure that natural systems continue to pro ...
  • Henderson, Emilie B.; Ohmann, Janet L.; Gregory, Matthew J.; Roberts, Heather M.; Zald, Harold (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2014-07)
    AIM: Landscape management and conservation planning require maps of vegetation composition and structure over large regions. Species distribution models (SDMs) are often used for individual species, but projects mappin ...
  • Lauten, David J.; Castelein, Kathleen A.; Farrar, J. Daniel; Breyer, Melissa F.; Gaines, Eleanor P. (Oregon Biodiversity Information Center, Institute for Natural Resources., 2013-12-30)
    From 26 March – 19 September 2013 we monitored the distribution, abundance and productivity of the federally Threatened Western Snowy Plover (Charadrius nivosus nivosus) along the Oregon coast. From north to south, we su ...