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  • Shiflett, Ray Calvin (1965-12-02)
    In the study of uniform convergence, one is led naturally to the question of how uniform convergence on subsets relates to uniform convergence on the whole space. This paper develops theorems on how pointwise convergenc ...
  • Kinion, Paul A. (1982-05-06)
    Sequential machines uniquely determine directed graphs. A path in a sequential machine may be specified by a starting state and an input sequence. A uniform Hamiltonian touring sequence (UHTS) is an input sequence that s ...
  • Sekino, Junpei (1968-12-05)
    In this paper, we are concerned with the very general notion of a universal algebra. A universal algebra essentially consists of a set A together with a possibly infinite set of finitary operations on. A. Generally, t ...
  • Garibotti, Cristiano Rodrigues (2007-05-09)
    In this paper we develop an upscaling technique for non-Darcy flow in porous media. Non-Darcy model of flow applies to flow in porous media when large velocities occur. The well-posedness results for theory of quasil ...
  • Ivey, Kathy M. C. (1990-05-01)
    Microcomputers are being used in teaching and learning mathematics. This paper examines ways that computers can be used to enhance teaching in precalculus mathematics. The advantages of computers discussed are: 1) ins ...
  • Limmer, Douglas J. (1993-06-08)
    The standard way of representing numbers on computers gives rise to errors which increase as computations progress. Using p-adic valuations can reduce error accumulation. Valuation theory tells us that p-adic and stand ...
  • Chunikhina, Evgenia V (2014-12-12)
    In this work, we provide a detailed analysis of a discrete time regime switching financial market model with jumps. We consider the model under two different scenarios: known and unknown initial regime. For each scenario ...
  • Ogard, Steven Phillip (1965-05-14)
    The author shows that a necessary and sufficient condition for a convex polyhedron to be representable as a finite vector sum of line segments is that each of its faces possesses central symmetry.
  • Gyde, Nina J. (2003-06-03)
    This thesis explores the vibrational behavior of the main components of sound production in the violin using a continuum mechanics approach. The author provides a mathematical description of the regions in the vibratin ...
  • Gilliland, Crystal L. (1991-12-05)
    The goal of this research project is to determine the fractal nature, if any, which surface water waves exhibit when viewed on a microscopic scale. Due to the relatively recent development of this area of mathematics, ...

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