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Forest Research Laboratory


The Forest Research Laboratory (FRL) of Oregon State University, established by the Oregon Legislature in 1941 by Oregon Statute 526.225, conducts research leading to sustainable forest yields, innovative and efficient use of forest products, and responsible stewardship of Oregon's resources. Its scientists conduct this research in laboratories and forests administered by the University and cooperative agencies and industries throughout Oregon. Research results are made available to potential users through the University's educational programs and through FRL publications, which are directed as appropriate to forest landowners and managers, manufacturers and users of forest products, leaders of government and industry, the scientific community, the conservation community, and the general public. (Description taken from College of Forestry website at: http://www.cof.orst.edu/frl/).

This archive of Forest Research Laboratory publications is in process. When completed it will be a complete archive of known published FRL series. The College of Forestry's Communications Group maintains a listing of current publications at: http://www.forestry.oregonstate.edu/available-publications.

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Recent Submissions

  • Davis, Emily Jane; Nuss, Meagan; Hughes, John R. (Forest Research Laboratory, OSU College of Forestry, 2015-07)
    Diverse stakeholders and land management agencies are increasingly working together in “forest collaborative” groups to meet ecological, economic, and social goals on Oregon’s public lands. Many collaboratives focus on s ...
  • Leavengood, Scott (Corvallis, Or. : Forest Research Laboratory, College of Forestry, Oregon State University, 2015-07)
    “Quality is Job 1”—this slogan is familiar to many people because it was used by Ford Motor Company for nearly 20 years. All businesses know the importance of quality—with respect to quality of products and quality of se ...
  • Nuss, Meagan; Davis, Emily Jane (Forest Research Laboratory, OSU College of Forestry, 2015-06)
    We conducted a case study of the process for developing ZOA created by the Blue Mountains Forest Partners (BMFP), a collaborative group established in 2006 and focused on the northern portion of the Malheur National Fore ...
  • Davis, Emily Jane (Forest Research Laboratory, OSU College of Forestry, 2015-06)
    The organizational capacity of natural resource collaborative groups can be an important factor in how effective they are at meeting their goals. This brief reviews the leadership committees of five forest collaboratives ...
  • Davis, Emily Jane; Cerveny, Lee; Nuss, Meagan; Seesholtz, David (Forest Research Laboratory, OSU College of Forestry, 2015-05)
    Oregon leads the U.S. in the number and extent of established collaborative groups on national forests. Understanding similarities and differences in Oregon’s current forest collaboratives may aid more informed approache ...