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Electronic Theses and Dissertations


Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) are digital representations of student master's theses and doctoral dissertations. Upon submission in ScholarsArchive@OSU, they are soon available worldwide through the Library Catalog, ScholarsArchive@OSU itself, Google, GoogleScholar and other large search engines.

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Contact Steve Van Tuyl (541) 737-3492) at the University Libraries if you have any trouble with, or questions about, the submission process.

Recent Submissions

  • Krebs, Eric J. (2015-08-26)
    This dissertation reports on the computational physics research in the area of inhomogeneous fluids. I first discuss the theory background for this work beginning with water, which is important for the two published ar ...
  • Dorn-Medeiros, Cort M. (2015-08-21)
    Professional organizations in the fields of counseling and psychotherapy-related professions all require counselors and counseling students to work with a vast array of potential clients who may differ significantly from ...
  • Needham, Shana M. (2015-07-29)
    One's ability to determine the cause and effect nature events is important for navigating within the social realm. However, the ability to determine these relationships is not always as clear. According to Weary and Ed ...
  • Utevsky, Elinor S. (2015-07-16)
    The volcanic (~45-10 Ma) and plutonic rocks (~37-12 Ma) comprising the Western Cascades extend from northernmost California to southern British Columbia and are ancestral to modern arc magmatism. The ancestral arc hosts ...
  • Murayama, Shareen K. (2015-08-03)
    The aim of this thesis is to curate experimental poetry in an attempt to investigate the complexity and constructs of ethnicity and identity as a fourth generation Japanese-American born and raised in Hawaii. The project ...