Characteristics of three rhabdoviruses from snakehead fish Ophicephalus striatus

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  • Protein profiles and serological characteristics of 3 rhabdoviruses from snakehead fish Ophicephalus striatus were determined and compared to 5 known fish rhabdoviruses and 1 mammalian rhabdovirus. The snakehead rhabdovirus (SHRV) exhibited a bacilliform morphology and a Lyssavirus-type protein profile. The ulcerative disease rhabdovirus isolates (UDRV-BP and UDRV-19) were indistinguishable and exhibited bullet-shaped morphology and a Vesiculovirus-type protein profile. At present, none of the 3 viruses is known to be the cause of disease in any species of fish. UDRV-BP and UDRV-19 were serologically identical but distinct from SHRV and from 5 other fish rhabdoviruses. SHRV was serologically unrelated to any of the fish rhabdoviruses examined.
  • Keywords: disease detection, Rhabdoviruses, fish diseases, Ophicephalus striatus
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  • Kasornchandra, J., Engelking, H. M., Lannan, C. N., Rohovec, J. S., & Fryer, J. L. (1992, July 23). Characteristics of three rhabdoviruses from snakehead fish Ophicephalus striatus. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, 13, 89-94.
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  • This publication is the result, in part, of research sponsored by Oregon Sea Grant with funds from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of Sea Grant, Dept. of Commerce, under grant No NA 89AA-D-SG 108 (project No R-FSD-14) and USAlD under project identification No 7-276.
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