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  • The artisanal fisheries sector makes a significant contribution to income, employment creation and food security in Nigeria. To help improve the economics performance of the artisanal fisheries in the artisanal fisheries of Ogun waterside, this report presents the outputs of a value-chain study for the sector. The study was taken up with the objective of identification of local market potential for species of fish commonly found in the catch of artisanal fisherfolk. The study methodology included both desk research and primary research in the various markets of the study area. Various tools and technique of research including structured questionnaire, personal interviews and group discussion were used to collect quantitative and qualitative information about financial performance, employment creation, and the critical factors impacting on the performance of each sub-sector of the value-chain during the primary study. A sample of 120 respondents from different sections of the fishery trade was used in the study. The results have shed some light on the different value chains present in the trade. It also gives a detail description of the various players involved, their roles and responsibilities, the cost of operation and the barriers to entry, mobility and exit at various points of the value chain. The major problems constraints in the fisheries development are namely; poor transportation network, high cost of fishing inputs, inadequate funding and poor storage facilities. Appropriate measures have been recommended. Key words: Value chains, Artisanal fisheries, and Nigeria.
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