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Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Narrowband Aluminum Plasmonic Grating Filter Array for Spectroscopy in Visible Light Range Public Deposited

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  • Metal grating based plasmonic filters are widely researched for their unique properties of field enhancement and localization of light beyond diffraction limit. However, the plasmonic grating filters reported in literature mostly have broadband outputs making them unsuitable for spectroscopy. In this project, we have designed, fabricated, and characterized an array of 20 plasmonic filters having narrow transmission bands with an average of 17nm FWHM covering the whole visible light range. These filters were fabricated on a single quartz substrate having two thin dielectric layers of Si3N4 and SiO2 along with aluminum gratings on top. The aluminum gratings for all to filters were patterned using a single step focused ion beam etching making the fabrication process time and cost effective. The filters were characterized using a fiber-based testing setup and later used for high-fidelity signal reconstruction integrating the device with a CMOS imager.
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