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Exploring Income, Housing Space, and Cultural Perceptions in Relationship to Food Security in Full-time RV Households Public Deposited

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  • This thesis explores the relationships that income and housing space limitations have with regard to food security in full-time recreational vehicle (RV) households. This research used a scaled survey tool and a subset questionnaire to gather information on RV dwellers' housing and kitchen spaces along with participants' food shopping, storage, preparation, and consumption patterns. Data was gathered from more than 200 RV households representing two distinct RV dwelling populations--full-time mobile and stationary RVers. Results show that mobile and stationary RV dwelling populations have similar RV space measurements, but disparate income levels, food strategies, perceptions of space, assessed comfort levels, and levels of household food security. The results show that the nature of RV living can be shaped by incomes, space, and cultural perceptions. Even when RV dwellers are compliant with cultural perceptions and use the RV for travel purposes, long-term RV living can exacerbate income and food security limitations for both mobile and stationary RVers.
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