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Relative Health Effects of Intake of High-Fat Diets Enriched with Raspberry Fiber and Raspberry Polyphenol in C57B/J6 Mice Public Deposited

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  • BACKGROUND: Consumption of raspberry products have been observed to produce healthful effects and reduce weight gain and positively shift metabolism in mice fed obesigenic diets. In the past, our lab has successfully shown a reduction in weight gain for mice consuming RPC+HF vs. mice fed HF alone. Currently, there is not a lot of scientific literature characterizing specific mechanistic changes which occur in metabolism due to the consumption of raspberry products. OBJECTIVE: This study investigates raspberry puree concentrate (RPC), RPC polyphenols (RP), and RPC fiber (RF) for their healthful and beneficial effects in mice consuming a high-fat western diet. Specific indicators of metabolic-related diseases were evaluated to see if RPC and RPC fractions attenuated the development of obesity, dyslipidemia, diabetes, hepatic steatosis, hypertension, and chronic inflammation to the same degree. METHODS: The C57BL/6J (C57) mouse model was used for this study due to their propensity to easily develop metabolic disease when fed a high-fat diet. These metabolic conditions include obesity, high blood lipid and cholesterol levels, diabetes, fatty liver, hypertension, osteoporosis and chronic inflammation. Mice were fed a western-style diet containing 45% of calories from fat and 15% of calories from added sucrose. Diets included a low-fat control (LF), a high-fat control (HF), and supplemented HF diets (RPC+HF, RP+HF, and RF+HF). Mice had ad libitum access to these diets for 10 weeks, enough time for C57 to develop significant metabolic complications from HF consumption. RESULTS:  Based on our findings, fiber and polyphenols appear to work together to achieve the healthful effects observed when RPC is consumed. The unique properties and metabolic changes produced by these two fractions help us to better understand how RPC acts on the metabolism of C57BL/6J mice.
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