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The InclusiveMag Method: A Start Towards More Inclusive Software for Diverse Populations Public Deposited

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  • How can software practitioners assess whether their software supports diverse users? Although there are empirical processes that can be used to find “inclusivity bugs” piecemeal, what is often needed is a systematic inspection method to assess software’s support for diverse populations. To help fill this gap, this thesis introduces InclusiveMag, a generalization of GenderMag that can be used to generate systematic inclusiveness methods for a particular dimension of diversity. We then present 1) a multicase study covering eight diversity dimensions, of eight teams’ experiences applying InclusiveMag to eight under-served populations and their “mainstream” counterparts and 2) the start of the application of InclusiveMag to making software more inclusive to individuals of low socioeconomic status, through means of a systematic mapping study.
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  • Funded in part by NSF GRFP fellowship, as well as by NSF under Grants 1528061, 1815486, and 1901031.
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