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Analysis of Korean physical educators' attitudes toward teaching handicapped students in regular classes

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  • The purpose of this study was to examine Korean physical educators' attitudes toward teaching handicapped students in their regular classes. Ninety-eight schools were randomly selected from middle schools in Korea. A total of 213 Korean physical educators was the sample size used in this study. The survey instrument used was the Physical Educators Attitudes Toward Teaching the Handicapped (PEATH). The data were collected by the investigator and analyzed with the assistance of an IBM Computer and NCSS Software Package. Paired t-test comparisons, Pearson Product-Moment Correlations, and Multiple Regression procedures were employed to determine the difference between teachers' attitudes toward learning handicapped students and attitudes toward physically handicapped students, the relationship between teachers' attitudes and each demographic variable, and the predictability among demographic variables. A significant difference was found between teachers' attitudes toward physically handicapped students. The result suggests that Korean physical educators prefer to teach learning handicapped students rather than physically handicapped students in their regular classes. No relationship was found between teachers' attitudes and five demographic variables studied: teacher's gender, years of teaching experience, degree earned, age, and teaching experience with handicapped students. Therefore, these variables were not found to be predictors of teachers' attitudes toward the handicapped.
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