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The Design of a Multidisciplinary Capstone Course Public Deposited

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  • The end goal of any educational program is to prepare a student for the challenges they will see after completion of their studies. In the realm of engineering, the pinnacle of this occurs during a student’s final Capstone course series, where students are asked to apply their various skills learned during their undergraduate studies, and to work together in a team to accomplish a single goal, while following the engineering design process. At Oregon State University, the SAE-Section of Capstone, focusing on the design and manufacturing of a Baja and Formula car, was formerly limited to only engineers focused in Mechanical, Industrial, or Manufacturing engineering. With the advent of new technologies, such as Baja’s eCVT, or Formula’s ePowertrain or Autonomous Systems, these have necessitated the collaboration on projects requiring skills from Electrical and Computer engineers, and Computer Science engineers. In order to facilitate this interdisciplinary collaboration, the existing MIME 497/498 Capstone course series must be redesigned to accommodate all six engineering specialties. This study was completed using the methods of Constructive Alignment to best suit the needs and expectations of the Capstone Students, resulting in a new course series: ENGR 415/416, which successfully integrates all engineering focuses, while laying the foundation for further iteration and development to benefit participating students and best prepare them for challenges they will see upon graduation.
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