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Design and Implementation of an Analytics Interface for the “I Heart Corvallis” Mobile Application Public Deposited

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  • The Corvallis Community Relations (CCR) office has launched an initiative called “I Heart Corvallis” that serves to enhance OSU students’ sense of connection and contribution to the greater Corvallis community. The eponymous “I Heart Corvallis” mobile application serves as a central hub for community events and resources available to students and aims to encourage and entice students to become involved in the community, strengthening the collaborative partnership between the city of Corvallis and Oregon State University communities. However, for this application to be as useful for the community as possible, the CCR office must also be able to analyze and gauge the usage of the application and determine the effectiveness of the application and, as a result, the initiative as a whole. The analytics interface is embedded into the application’s administrative web interface and displays graphical representations of demographic data for the attendees of each event featured in the application, how users have rated and described the application, and trends and correlations between sets of user data. The office will be able to use this interface and thoroughly determine the effectiveness of both the application and the greater “I Heart Corvallis” initiative as a whole. Key Words: MySQL, PHP, analysis, feedback, website
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