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Optimization of Schizochytrium limacinum SR21 Growth using Different Carbon Sources and Copper Concentrations Public Deposited

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  • The purpose of this project was to optimize the biomass growth of Schizochytrium limacinum SR21. This was achieved by studying the effect of various concentrations of glucose, use of pure glycerol and purified crude glycerol as alternative carbon sources, and inhibition of cell growth with the presence of copper. The studied glucose concentrations were 10 g/L, 20 g/L, and 50 g/L. It was found that higher concentrations of glucose resulted in greater cell growth. Pure glycerol and purified crude glycerol, both at 9 wt%, were compared with the glucose concentrations. SR21 growth was greatest in glucose media, followed by purified crude glycerol, and lowest in the pure glycerol media. Copper inhibition at 0 mM, 0.5 mM, and 1.0 mM was investigated. Copper did inhibit biomass growth, but it was very minimal in the tested concentrations. This study showed that it is possible to utilize purified crude glycerol for the growth of Schizochytrium limacinum SR21.
  • Key Words: Schizochytrium limancinum SR21, Glucose, Glycerol, Crude Glycerol, Copper Inhibition, DHA
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