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Quantification of fibrinogen adsorption to nisin-loaded polyethylene oxide layers Public Deposited

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  • Antimicrobial coatings used to reduce the risk of infection caused by tissue-contacting medical devices must address specific biocompatibility requirements including prevention of thrombosis and rise of bacterial resistance. An antimicrobial-loaded poly(ethylene-oxide) (PEO) coating has been tentatively shown to be non-fouling with sustained antimicrobial activity. However, the presence of the antimicrobial, nisin, may encourage protein adsorption at the interface. Past research has suggested that fibrinogen, a protein involved in thrombosis, may mediate elution of nisin integrated within the brush layer, or adsorb to the outer surface of the nisin-loaded brush layer. The work described here was motivated by the need to better understand interactions between nisin-loaded PEO and the procoagulant fibrinogen. Fibrinogen adsorption was quantified using enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA), detection of fluorescein isothiocyante (FITC) labeled fibrinogen, and zeta potential analysis. ELISA and FITC-labeled fibrinogen tests measured decreased fibrinogen levels at PEO coatings with no significant difference between nisin-free and nisin-loaded PEO coatings. These results indicate that the presence of nisin does not significantly promote fibrinogen adsorption to an extent beyond that expected for a PEO layer without entrapped nisin. Zeta potential detection corroborated these results, showing no significant differences between zeta potential of nisin loaded PEO layers detected after repeated elution challenges, independent of the presence of fibrinogen.
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