Molecular Analysis of Tomato Seed Germination and Tomato Production in Almería, Spain Public


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  • Tomato is considered to be one of the most important vegetables for its value as a source of nutrients and antioxidants, and as a model crop for biological research, including seed biology. In this thesis, tissue-specific gene expression and its regulation in tomato seeds were analyzed to understand the mechanisms underlying tomato seed germination, which is key to producing a healthy tomato plant. Endosperm cap-specific genes were identified using GeneChip® analysis. Tomato ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR1 (TERF1), a hormone-signaling gene was found to be a potential upstream regulator of multiple endosperm cap-specific genes. In addition to the basic research on tomato seed germination, a case study of tomato production and distribution in Almería, Spain, one of the most important tomato exporting sectors in the world, was performed as part of international degree research. In this case study, the methods and efficiency of the tomato production systems in hundreds of greenhouses, so called ‘mar del plástico’ (sea of plastic) and the tomato distribution systems were analyzed.
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