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The Scab Sheet Vol.2 No. unknown

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dc.date.accessioned 2012-02-22T04:43:19Z
dc.date.available 2012-02-22T04:43:19Z
dc.date.issued 1970
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1957/27925
dc.description Page 1 The title page depicts a caricature of President Nixon talking about wanting “a piece of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos…” and that he knows he did was he believes is right. He is holding the United States by a noose and is holding a model of the Memorial Union with the words “STUDENT UNION” underneath. The model is broken in half, with one half falling. Nixon’s foot is on the chest of a man, possibly Viet Cong, labeled “VOICE OF CHANGE.” The artwork is signed by “Christopher,” and “THE SCAB SHEET” is written at top. No dates, volumes, or issue numbers are printed. en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 2 [no title] A thanks is offered to McGarry’s Foodliner, Henderson’s Office Supplies, and Girl Friday, Inc. for sponsor ship, while the reader is urged to give them business. “A HISTORY OF THE MORATORIUM ON VIOLENCE” Contributions are asked to assist in the creation of a book on “the Moratorium.” Both people and money are requested. en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 3 “GET IT TOGETHER IN SALEM” LLB A presentation of petitions for Governor McCall are announced to follow a peaceful sit-in during the Governor’s address on the Capitol Rotunda on Monday (no date given). “WHAT THE WAR IN SOUTHEAST ASIA COSTS OUR NATION” Casualties and budget concerns are highlighted regarding conflict in Asia. “WHAT THE WAR IN SOUTHEAST ASIA COSTS OREGONIANS” The same details given for national figures are given for state-level figures regarding casualties, etc. “KEEP THE FAITH…” Contact information is given for people to write to senators and representatives urging support of the Hatfield Amendment, related to military expenditures and senior citizen income. en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 4 [no title] An extensive timeline is given of the history of Vietnam since 1880. “PEARL FOR PEACE” Urging votes for Art Pearl, a democratic candidate for Governor, the assertion is made that not voting for Pearl equates support for the conflict in Vietnam. en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 5 “REFLECTION OF REVOLUTION?” Gary Marks An allegorical story is told about the United Boundaries of Hysteria, its paranoid president, involvement in war, and the enlightenment of Hysteria’s people. “STRENGTH, A GOD WORD…” A quote from Aldous Huxley’s Island regarding caring for others. “REVOLUTION” Al Brown After Nixon’s decision not to pursue military action in Cambodia, the author criticizes Nixon for not ending action in the entire region. Continued on Page 6. en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 6 [no title] Continuation of “REVOLUTION” on Page 5. “AFTHERMATH” A short poem about death by Doug Stone. en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 7 “SUCCESSFUL STUDENT ACTION DEPENDS ON REALIZING THAT” Eric Gould, Professor of English The University is declared the most important unit of the American Military-Industrial Complex. It is accused of stifling creativity, and student action is urged. Some of the critique involves not just ROTC, but also research and the creation of an upper middle class. [no title] A quote by President Dwight D. Eisenhower regarding the promotion of peace. en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 8 “A POLL?” Readers are urged not to participate in a poll by the Civil Engineering Department because its questions, such as asking if ROTC should be present on campus, might represent the department’s biased views, and the poll requires a 10,000 person response to be valid. “THE PHONE TAX REBELLION AND THE SPIRIT OF 1773” Readers are urged to join the “tax rebellion” by refusing to pay a 10% tax on phone service. en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 9 “NERVE GAS WHITE PAPER” [no article—headline only] “HOW ABOUT EVACUATION? People Against Nerve Gas The Army is criticized after a recent request to Oregon’s governor to authorize evacuations following the release of nerve gas. Various logistical obstacles are given to support the critique, and arguments are given to suggest that a test of nerve agents would require months of costly logistical planning and execution. [no title] The date (May 10, 1970) and short description (100 people elipse [sic] in front of White House routed with tear gas) are given of an article by the Associated Press. The article is not printed. en_US
dc.description . en_US
dc.description Page 10 “US. INVOLVEMENT” Statistics are presented regarding financial and casualty figures for the conflict in Vietnam. The reader is urged to become involved in activism supporting withdrawal from Vietnam and Cambodia. “MUNICH OR CO-PROSPERITY? L. Adolf Citing a comparison to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, the refusal to withdraw from Vietnam and Cambodia is criticized, although President Nixon is commended for honorable, if misguided, intentions. en_US
dc.description.abstract This issue includes no dates or indication of volume and issue number, however content and style indicate that it was part of Volume II, published in 1970. It was at least May 10 due to a reprint of an Associated Press article printed on May 10. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.subject Nixon en_US
dc.subject Vietnam en_US
dc.subject Cambodia en_US
dc.subject Scab Sheet en_US
dc.subject Anti-War en_US
dc.title The Scab Sheet Vol.2 No. unknown en_US

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  • The Scab Sheet
    The Scab Sheet is a two volume underground student newspaper, 1969-1970. For more information: http://wpmu.library.oregonstate.edu/oregon-multicultural-archives/2012/02/24/scab-sheet/

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